Fashion Rule # 50: Don’t forget to style fashion fads

Welcome back to Trends by Alicia!

I really wanted to talk about fashion fads and the importance of taking advantage of them while they are in style. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about let’s start by defining what a fad is.

According to a fad is defined by “a temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group”.

The main keywords for you to basically understand its definition is TEMPORARY and ENTHUSIASTICALLY. Remember the fidget spinners…FAD! The silly band bracelets made out of different shapes…FAD! The sketchers shoes with the wheels…FAD! These were all introduced into the market enthusiastically but were only temporary. Everyone made sure to get a hold of them before they were gone.

The fashion world also has fads. Some are not so great and I’m glad they are just temporary. But others are super cute and I wish they could stay longer. But because of their uniqueness and fashion-forward vibes they are only temporary.

Let’s talk about some current fashion fads. Poms, jelly sandals, and kimonos. Honestly I thought poms were going to become a fashion trend but they kinda flopped. Thought they were going to be on everything because of its enthusiastic entrance to the fashion world but they vanished quick. Three years ago the glitter jelly sandals were a fashion fad. So this time I got the bright jelly sandals that have been trending so I wouldn’t miss out.

My favorite current fashion fad is the kimono. I love the vibrant colors it has and the flow it brings to the summer. It’s so easy to style and gives your outfit the summer look, effortlessly!



Bought this kimono from Shein website. It was my first time buying from this site and I made sure I knew what I was getting myself into. I read up on reviews through social media and their website to be well informed. Because it’s internationally shipped, it takes about 4-7 weeks for your order to arrive. Since I only ordered one thing I took about 4 weeks to receive it. The kimono was exactly what it said in the description and really met my expectations. I was so happy when styling it!

Here’s the link where you can get our own and start trending while this fad is out! ‘There are other cute prints and colors

There are other ideas on my Pinterest board on how to style this beauty. Have found other bloggers who love it as much as I do. Make sure to always take advantage of any fashion fad that comes up in the future while it lasts.



Photos @martinxlove


Fashion Rule # 26: Embroidery is trending

HAPPY MONDAY! Mondays are my favorite not only because I get to share a little bit of my fashion creativity with a new blog post. Mondays give me a fresh mind to get things done this week and continue to progress personally.

In this fashion blog post I will be featuring my favorite denim embroidered skirt from Wonderfully Made Shop! As you know I love supporting local and small businesses, specially when they are run by a woman.

Wonderfully Made Shop was created by Clarissa Olivares in hopes of helping girls fight their insecurities and know they are beautiful the way they are. Just like stated in Psalms 139:14, this young entrepreneur wants girls to know they were wonderfully made by the hands of God. Clarissa wants for girls to buy beautiful pieces for them to be comfortable, confident and know they can love themselves. Although she understands materialistic things and self image are not all about feeling beautiful, but they will certainly give you a boost of confidence you need when struggling with insecurities.

This is my favorite piece from Wonderfully Made Shop! I love this embroidered skirt because it is so fashionable, trendy and comfortable. Because of my short height I sometimes have trouble finding the perfect skirt that is not too long nor short in length. The flowers on this skirt are just right, not too crowded nor simple.



I decided to style this skirt with an olive-green top to compliment the not so obvious color on the skirt. When matching tops and bottoms, you always want to select the minimal color represented so that the color that is boldly represented stands out. Yes the obvious color I could have selected for a matching top could have been red. If I would have selected a red top, the embroidered piece would not have had the pop in my look. You always want to make the selected main piece of your outfit stand out not over crowd it.

Also keep in mind the skirt is light wash so you always want to wear a dark top with light wash denim for them not to clash. If I would have selected a light top like a pearl or white top, then the outfit would have been colorless.


I paired up my outfit with some brown heels to finish giving it an earthy look. This creates an outfit perfect for a friends hangout outdoors. Go to and look at the awesome stuff Clarissa has for you. Use my code ‘ALICIA1’ for a 15% off one item plus FREE SHIPPING. Girls don’t forget you were fearfully and wonderfully made by our God who loves you just the way you are.



Photos: @martinxlove

Fashion Rule #34: Polka Dots are a must for the summer

This is the first time I am trying something new for the blog. Every look and fashion idea I’ve blogged about are ideas I’ve worn on a constant basis. But this print is something new for me.

I love prints! And guess what print is starting to trend? POLKA DOTS! Would you believe me if I said I don’t own any polka dotted item in my closet until now. I couldn’t believe how cool this print looks. These are two ways you can rock polka dots this summer.

This first look features a classic polka dot pattern I purchased from Agaci. Everyone usually wears this navy polka dot with red accessories but I wanted to change it up a bit. With the help of an awesome fashion trendsetter, Daniela from Fruity Poms, I was able to custom make these beautiful yellow earrings. These go with everyone! Worn them a couple of times to make my outfit pop and everyone likes them.

The key is to grab compliemntay colors and mix them all together to create a different look. Since polka dot shirt is already patterned make sure not to wear anything else that is patterned.


This second look is so easy to rock. I love dresses because they are a simple and fast way to dress up. All you gotta do is add accessories to it and your outfit is complete.

Got this awesome dress from Forever 21 and I loved the one sides slit. To this dress I just added some pop of color with the magenta blocked heels and blue green pom earrings. This pop of different colors gives the look a summer feel. Don’t be afraid to have different colors in your outfit. You don’t have to match everything all the time.

Whatever your style is make sure to make it bold and add a bunch of color this summer for polka dots. Every post I make comes with YOU in mind first. Don’t forget to stay trending and follow my Pinterest board for more fashion ideas.



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Fashion Rule #19: A trend setter wears graphics

Believe me when I tell you I have a whole bunch of graphic tees in my closet. From our school spirit shirts to fundraiser shirts we buy or even free shirts we get at events our closet is full of them. I personally love to support local which adds to my collection of graphics.

Graphic tees were created as a marketing and advertising tool. We wear anything from plain colored tee with a brand logo on it that we buy for like $30 (which are so trending right now), to a specialized one of a kind shirt from one of our friends who is selling for a fundraiser.

Graphics are a representation of what we stand for. These shirts allow us to boldly express ourselves with having little to say. I always make sure the graphics I wear are a representation of you I am and what I want to proudly stand for.

I know we mostly wear graphics with jeans or shorts. But I want you to be trending and look cute while wearing what you represent.

This is only one way I have worn this graphic; I have so many ideas to go with this shirt. I love representing and supporting one of my favorite hip hop artist. This is a shirt from the 116 collection I had bought to my first Andy Mineo concert. Since even the small sizes fit me big, all I did was cut the length of it to fit me cropped. Since I really wanted for the orange to stand out I decided to pair it with some bold stripped pants. Make sure to use bold colors and patterns to make your simple graphic stand out.


I really wanted to make sure the orange stood out on this outfit. Combining it with a denim vest, orange long earrings and oversized sunnies is the ultimate best combo. In these bold colored outfits don’t be afraid to overuse the main color.

This next graphic is one of my new ones from Bold Love Apparel. I specifically selected this graphic because of its message. It has all the characteristics of who God says I am. I decided to pair this black and white with a bold pattern skirt. There are so specific rules as to how to pair the B&W tees so why not mix it up with colorful patterns. YOLO! Traditionally these tees are worn with black skinnies, converse and just a fringe or street look. But I wanted to mix it up a bit and create a summer outfit.


My shoes kinda tied in the outfit with the black and colored embroidered roses. Still continued to state the color with pink and gold earrings.

Whatever the graphic tee you decide to wear for the day make sure to mix it up with bold colors and patterns to give it a different look.Stop being boring with graphics and start trending in them!


Fashion Rule #7: Every trendsetter should have all types of shoes

If  you haven’t gotten to know me…. I LOVE SHOES! I actually start creating my outfit of the day based on what shoes I am in the mood to wear. For me, the shoe sets the tone for the outfit depending on my mood. If I feel like going about comfy or super girly, I choose the shoe that will help achieve that throughout the day. You will mostly see me wearing heels because those are my favorite. I specially love high platform heels with bold colors and patterns.

Try to get your hands on every pair of shoes you like! There are certain shoe types that I refuse to never buy in my life because I know I don’t like. But there are other fashion bloggers who can rock those shoes in an instant! Stay within your taste of fashion first, but don’t be afraid to try on new trendy shoes. An outfit can be totally transformed for the occasion by just changing shoes! Believe me I would go from work outfit to church outfit within 3 seconds just by changing my cute flip flops to classic wedges.

A couple of weeks ago I had a question on what is the perfect shoe that can be used for dressy to casual occasions. In my opinion, the shoe that will literately go with anything is the nude strap heel. My personal favorite strap heels are from Steve Madden. I haven’t had the chance to get a hold of the nude color, since they never have my size, but I have the black, white and yellow colors.

nude heelThis the strap heel can keep an outfit simple, not to dressed up. Or it can also appear elegant and ready to take on the night. You can also shop this same shoe with a blocked heel for more comfort. I’ve worn the strap heel with the floral dress and with baggy pants. These can also be paired up with jeans or even shorts! Check out my Pinterest for more outfit ideas with trap heels.

I have a collection of platforms and heels to dress up the looks and complete my trendy outfits. These are only SOME heels in my shoe collection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Asides from heels, I love to have different types of sneakers, boots, and sandals. I love to have a variety of shoes to match any type of outfit I plan to wear. I know heels can be a bit uncomfortable for some of you girls. Wear your comfiest shoes while looking cute and staying on trend always. Also, you don’t have to get the brand name shoes. There are so many times I find super cute shoes in discount stores like Payless and Marshalls.


I am always updating my shoes depending on the fashion trend that is occurring. You can get so many different outfits from one pair of shoes. Make sure to have a variety of styles to change up the mood of your outfit. Go checkout my Pinterest for outfit ideas depending on your shoes for the day @xalicia13. Also follow me on Poshmark. I am always uploading new shoes at affordable prices.



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Fashion Rule #9: Style your favorite piece 3 different ways

I am sure we have all those moments where we are really into a certain song and replay it 20 times a day! Well something like this also happens within our closets without us noticing. Have you ever had a favorite shirt, dress, skirt, that you currently love and you want to wear it like all the time? Or you actually wear it like 24/7, 365?! I AM TOTALLY EXAGGERATING but you get the point. I am here to help you not look like a walking portrait wearing the same thing everyday.

I am currently in love with this denim dress I got at Agaci. It has pearls all over and it is super trendy and comfy. Got it with an extra 30% off when they were closing the location in the outlets. Luckily my creativity kicked in the other day and I changed the style of it because I wanted to wear it again. So here I am sharing with you my three outfit ideas for my current favorite dress.

First style is just to wear the dress as is. Paired it up simple with white pointy heels and some statement earrings.


If I wanted to be a bit more retro and add some color to the dress layering any colored shirt would go. Here I choose a collar long sleeve shirt that gave it a pop of color.


If you want to be more comfortable there is an option too! Adding sneakers to your favorite outfit will change its mood. For those who said sneakers and dresses don’t go, think again! Here I added some Nikes but Converse and Vans are also go-to’s. Paired it up with a pullover hoodie and BAM…comfortable it is!



What is your current favorite piece you find yourself picking up often? Make sure to change it up a bit so you can have a different look. When I really have no idea on how to wear something a different way, I take it up on the search bar on Pinterest. Just type in “white tee outfits” and so many different styles will pop up. Believe me the best trends will be on Pinterest first!



Photos @martinxlove

Fashion Rule #2: Plain white tee is a must

GUYSSS I AM BACK! I know it has been two Mondays that I haven’t posted any fashion rule. These past couple of weeks both Martin and I have been busy with finals, work, family and just creative ground in general on my part. One week I hit a “creators’ block” and just couldn’t think of content to continue on. Although I have a set list of fashion rules, I couldn’t come up with any outfit ideas nor found inspiration to do so. This past week I spent most of my time planning and writing content for what’s to come.

Oh believe me I am not about the plain life when it comes to choosing outfits for the day. But I have definitely learned how to value the plain white tee. And I specially hate it on boys!

On this blog post I will be embracing the simple round neck white tee as a layering piece.

I am pretty sure we have all seen them under strap dresses lately. I always liked how other girls could pull it off but I had never tried it myself.

This was one of my favorite Monday Outfit of the day I have created so far. I feel in love with this shirt I bought from Forever 21 but when I put it on it was way too naked for me. It was more the deep v-neck on the top and the cropped length it has that made me feel I was showing too much skin. I personally didn’t feel as comfortable as I thought it would be. I really didn’t want to return it because I loved the design and ruffles so I skimmed through my closet and…thank God for the white tee!


Since I really wanted to keep my top the focal point on my outfit I didn’t add any more color at all. The key to make your top pop is keeping it simple. I added some trendy light gray earrings from Beya and went with my new block heel sandal I bought from Just Fab.


Her are some more looks you can try with the plain white tee as a layering piece. The strapped black dress is a classic. Then any patterned strapped shirt would go perfect.


I had so much fun with my new friend Frank. It was windy and hot but we managed to have fun and stay cool with some coke. Go follow him on social media So much talent in one account I can’t even!