Fashion Rule #49: Festive Season requieres a festive outfit

Most of you guys reading my blogs are from other states or other parts of the world. Really appreciate the support by reading my creations. I am from a developing boarder town with Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico. Living in a boarder town and being Hispanic calls for our culture to celebrate holidays from both countries. Not just because I’m Hispanic, but I believe celebrating the Mexican culture is the most beautiful and amazing way to celebrate with our sister country.

Mexico has so many holidays they celebrate throughout the year. And when they get festive, it gets big! September is one of those months that our boarder city decides to go all out in celebrating Mexican Independence Day.

So going through my closet I realized I didn’t have any Mexican heritage outfit to celebrate part of my culture. I was so thankful to partner up with an amazing entrepreneur and have the chance to promote Viva Artisan Boutique. Viva specializes in selling artisan fashion clothing for woman and kids. They also have accessories to complete your artisan look.

I love these tops because they are fashionable and cultural at the same time. Because of their vibrant colors, they can be styled by themselves or add on a belt for a more cultural look. Loved all these colors and couldn’t choose which one to fiesta in.


Viva also carries these beautiful off the shoulder blouses that make any day a fiesta! When selecting an outfit to celebrate Mexican culture, make sure it has bright colors and has cultural heritage represented.

These are currently Viva’s top sellers. Make sure to check them out on social media @vivaartisan and on Facebook through Viva Artisan Boutique and get your festive outfit before they are gone!



Fashion Rule #14: Transition color palette is here

As summer is coming to an end and fall is approaching super slow here in south Texas, it is super difficult to know what to wear. Some days you still want to wear floral patterns with bright colors but it just feels off. Other days you are so ready for the pumpkin spice vibes slowly approaching and want to wear leggings and sweaters but it is still too hot outside.

This fashion rule will cover the color palette and patters to help you transition the most trendy and fashionable way into this fall season.

To start off you can never go wrong with black, white and red for basic transition colors. These colors are neutral, can be matched with either summer of fall outfits. Secondary colors for transitioning to fall are dark shades of green and blue. If you still want to add your girly colors pale colors like pink, yellow, and nude colors would also be good for this transition season.

Prints are also a perfect way to add statement to your outfits. In this transition season don’t be afraid to use jackets and shorts, YOLO! You can use as many prints, styles and transition colors as you want in one outfit. In this outfit, I used the camo jacket to tie in my off the shoulder white blouse and active shorts. I decided to add a pop of color with some red statement earrings. Play around with prints and don’t be afraid to wear as many different styles as you want this season.

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

This second outfit is definitely going on my favorites list, specially the pants! Plaid is so in right now, and it could be styled by itself or as a matching set. In this outfit I styled the plaid pants with a graphic tee from Bold Love Apparel. Love their tees, super soft with a positive message. Decided to make this outfit more girly vibes by wearing strap heels and staying within the color palette. And yes this is the perfect start for the red lipstick! Finally we can sport this ultimate favorite lip color from here up until winter season.

Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

I honestly feel any printed top or bottom can be perfect for transitioning into the fall season. Remember for more transition or pre-fall outfits checkout my Pinterest for some ideas. I usually have all my Pins organized so you can checkout the tab for Fall/Winter under Fashion Book board.



Fashion Rule #40: Matching sets…Required!

All good things must come to an end they say. I cannot believe this is my last summer blog post! I love summer and its fashion! You can wear so many cute outfits with amazing pops of color, get away with any type of bold patterns, but best of all have lots of summer fun. This doesn’t mean I will stop blogging, no not at all. Although summer is my favorite fashion season, I am looking forward to the transition outfits for the fall. Believe me I am currently working on some awesome pre-fall content you will love.

Matching sets are a perfect way to end the summer because you can find them in so many different patters and colors. This is why I would recommend for you to at least have one matching set in your closet. I honestly love the fact these retro pieces came back and we can now rock them the classic way or the millennial way.

I had a very difficult time looking for the perfect matching set that matched my summer style, was comfortable, but most importantly, COVERED! If you are like me and you don’t want to show too much skin, this is a problem for matching sets. I searched everywhere! From online to retail, I desperately wanted to find a cute matching set that was able to have medium to full coverage.

I stumbled upon this matching set at Forever 21 and I loved it! It had the perfect colors for the summer and the top was not too short. Believe it or not the fabric on both pieces is a beach towel fabric. It is something unique added to my closet for sure! The top is a cropped tank and the bottom is a high-wasted skirt.


I would definitely say avoid wearing boots in the summer but totally making an exception with this outfit. These solid mauve Steve Madden booties are perfect to tie in the outfit together. I don’t really like wearing tight outfit on its own so I styled it with a denim button down. If you are like me and feel just a bit uncomfortable wearing a tight top with a tight bottom, wearing a layering piece will definitely make you feel more comfortable.


Since matching sets are meant to be the focal point of your outfit you really want to accessorize to a minimum, match with solids, and be subtle. I added some light pink drop earrings and just wore a simple diamond ring. You don’t want to accessorize a whole lot because your matching set is already a hand full. Your summer outfit cannot be complete without your favorite pair of sunnies.

I will forever miss you summer! Staying hydrated with yummy teas was my favorite part of you asides from wearing trendy outfits. Since it’s south Texas, I will probably continue to wear summer stuff until two million months from now when the weather actually turns fresh. (I love exaggerating, can you tell!)IMG_9450

If you have any suggestions for pre-fall outfits or would want to see how I style certain fall pieces leave me a comment below or send me a quick message on my Insta. Would love to answer your fashion questions. Honestly try adding a matching set to your closet. You will not regret it!



Fashion Rule #18: Summer is for trendy Swimwear

After almost 2 weeks of brainstorming for more blog most I finally had a chance to create a blog for swim wear. This had been a requested topic throughout the summer, specially from one of my co workers. Ale Im finally posting it LOL I’ve also been working so much that I didn’t have any time or energy to write or even any creativity. But thank God that is over and I can be continually active in writing.

I honestly thought I would be a little late for this post since summer is coming to an end. But here in the great state of Texas and in the south, summer will stay for 2 more months! And I’ve seen everyone post on how they will miss the pool for summer so it is actually a perfect time for this swim post.

On this post I decided to highlight the use of a cover up differently. I want you to turn away from the traditional cover up, dig into your closet, and make your summer swim stand out.

I decided to use a military green vest I had as a cover up. You can even use a denim shirt as a cover up to give your swim a different type of vibe. I decided to go with this vest because its over sized and can cover up perfectly. I also wanted to highlight the hint greens from the bottom piece of the swim. It gives it more of a complete look.

High-wasted two pieces and also one pieces are in right now. I didn’t want to take away from the bold summer colors and I decided to not do all the look with pattern. Highlighting the bold light blue color from the bottom piece makes the colors coherent.


I am only dedicating this post on matching colors and how to give your swim wear a different look with a cover up. There are so many things we can dive into with swim wear. Swim can be very diverse because of the different styles of it for different body types. For me Pinterest has helped in that area. Go search up swim wear for body types and you will learn how to find the perfect match for your body. I am so not an expert on it so Pinterest helped a lot for sure!

Using bright bold colors in the summer are the best way to celebrate the summer weather. If you are more into the black, sophisticated look….I GOT YOU! Go on to my Pinterest page and you can find other ideas on how to style swim wear.



Photos @martinxlove


Self-development is #goals

As I approach the third quarter of 2018, I am reflecting back on the personal and professional goals I placed for myself. In all honesty there are some goals that were more difficult to achieve than others but I am proud to say I have progressed this year. I have been able to learn and previously master goal setting. Because of goal setting, I have been able to grown personally and as a leader.

I have grown to love goal setting. I place personal and professional goals for myself every 3 months out of the year. Goals will help you get to the next level while making you feeling good about attaining something you weren’t able to before.

Here are some practical tips on how to self-improve with goals:

  1. Place attainable, reasonable goals
  2. Write it all down!
  3. Track progress with feedback

Place attainable goals

We all work differently so make sure to place attainable goals for yourself. You can start as simple as “waking up 30min early everyday”, or “read one book a quarter”. Goals are made to tailor your lifestyle and develop you. You can have three goals a month or just one but make sure these goals are what YOU want to do and what will make you grow.

Write it all down!

Sometimes we just say in our heads “this month for sure I will start going to the gym 4 times a week” but we don’t really act on. I found that writing your goals down can make you more accountable to yourself. Not only do you want to write them down make sure to be as detailed as possible. Be detailed in how you want to achieve those goals.

For example: Goal #1- Start a fitness routine

– Exercise 1 hour a day/4 days minimum

-Go for an outdoor walk

As soon as you write it all down make sure to put it in a visible place where you see the paper everyday. This will help you remind yourself of what you want to achieve and how you want to grow everyday.

Track progress

At the end of the period, make sure to track your progress. If you only went twice to the gym instead of 4 times a week, write it down. Write down what kept you back from achieving your goals. Write what really helped you through the process. This will make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again on your future goals. Remember to be honest with yourself. Nobody else is going to review your goals other than yourself.

I did learn how to place goals through the NextGen Tribe Leadership Program. Tribe connects you with amazing mentors who pour into your life personally and spiritually. I have learned to set goals for myself, my future dreams, ministry and work. Because of Tribe I know the importance of self development.

Because I want you to experience the power of goal setting, I have decided to have a giveaway. Go follow me on Instagram @xalicia13 for a freebie on Sunday. I know we are halfway down the year but it is never late to start developing yourself into what you want to become.

Whatever you aspire to become in the long run: a boss, world leader, a good mother, a real estate agent, a teacher, you need to set some goals to get there. I can assure you these three steps can help you become better and achieve the unthinkable regardless of the intensity of your goals.



Fashion Rule #3: Choose the right makeup for your OOTD

IT IS SUMMER! And with that comes colorful outfits you can wear. By now you must have realized summer is one of my favorite season where you can wear so many colors, patters, and styles. I feel summer is the season to burst out your creativity and try something new.

I want you girls to understand the importance of looking good and feeling good. My past supervisor told me, “When you wear makeup, you not only get ready for the day, you feel confident ready to TAKE ON the day”. She was right! There are those days when I don’t wear make up to work and I am dragging, feeling slow. When I choose my right outfit and makeup, I automatically feel energized and want to face anything throughout the day. Depending on your outfit, your makeup has to match 100%. It will add to the vibe you are choosing to go for.

In this blog post, GlamByAnaK will share her ideas and tips on how to do everyday makeup to bold makeup. Ana Karen Gonzalez started her self-taught business with the hopes of girls noticing their natural beauty. She states “natural beauty is key to every girl’s life. I feel like a girl should never forget how beautiful they are without makeup. Of course, makeup always gives us girls a boost of confidence but something I like to remind all girls in general is that natural beauty is always #1”.

Ana Karen is a 19 year old freelance entrepreneur studying business marketing to use in the beauty industry. She became passionate about glamoring girls and doing make up on others was a way to distress herself. Ana Karen loves to get creative and make girls feel beautiful in their own skin. Her interest in makeup started at the age of 12 when she would wear eye shadow to school. After many compliments, she decided to start practicing more and learning new techniques. She would also learn makeup from her mom, watching her everyday routine and asking her what to apply first or last.


Ana Karen’s favorite makeup style is what she likes to call “natural but glam”. Orange and brown tones are what she feels can style naturally. Although it is a natural look you can always glam yourself up with bold red lips giving it a balance from the light tones of eye shadows. Her favorite makeup brand is Morphe because she feels it has all types of palettes with good quality and is affordable. She recommends the Morphe 3502 shadow palette because it includes all types of colors from browns, oranges to pinks, shimmers and mattes.


Her favorite makeup influencer is currently Desi Perkins, because she makes all looks seem natural but still very glam. She is genuine and humble regardless if shes known by so many people. She gives great tips for all types of skin.


The ultimate goal for Glam By Ana K is to grow in the beauty industry and become influential. She hopes to partner with companies to create her own cosmetic line to be sold world wide. Ana Karen hopes to open her own makeup salon in Los Angels, California or in a city with the same demand for the beauty industry.

In this look, I told Ana Karen I wanted to go for a summer look. She decided to go with gold shadow with a undertone of blue and we both loved it! Go follow me on Instagram to see how she can do step by step natural look featured later on this week. Follow Glam By Ana K on Instagram and trust her with any future make up you need. I promise you this look lasted the whole day and I didn’t want to take it off at the end of the day! I loved it!



Fashion Rule# 23: Create a bold statement with necklaces

Statement necklaces! I have written on how to style statement earrings including its do’s and don’ts. Now it is the necklace’s turn to shine. There are many ways statement necklaces can add the pop you need on your outfit.

Here are some ways on how to wear statement necklaces:

  • wear with solids

  • add on graphics

  • always wear studded earrings to compliment

  • match them with shoes or purse

  • wear them with the right neckline

Here are some ways I have styled necklaces in the past. But one of my favorite styles has been the recent summer looks I have created.

In this outfit I decided to make my statement necklace pop by wearing all solids. I honestly had no creativity in matching this outfit. But as soon as we started to shoot, I loved the outfit. Paired it up with some navy, flowy shorts and a white onesie.


What I love about this necklace is the pop of colors because it can be matched with anything. I can easily match it with a yellow shirt, white dress, or even brown off the shoulder. These colors are soooo summer.


Don’t be afraid to wear big necklaces to add a pop to your outfit. Follow me on Insta @xalicia13 for a chance to enter a giveaway for a cute statement necklace.



Photos: @martinxlove