Fashion Rule # 13: Style floral at its 100%

Floral is my all time favorite pattern for the spring and summer! I have everything floral from pencil skirts, purses, off the shoulder shirts, rompers, cocktail dresses, evening gowns, you name it I have it! This pattern can be subtle and elegant or chic and girly. I love styling floral so this shoot was super fun to document.

Floral speaks for itself. Learn how to compliment the pattern.

In this first outfit I paired up the floral off the shoulders with shorts overalls. We all know overalls are one of the 90’s pieces coming back. I honestly think this is the first time ever in my life wearing overalls. I’m a 90’s baby but I don’t think I ever rocked them when I was a kid. Since I wanted to compliment the small pink details in the pattern, I accessorized the outfit with dangling pink earrings. In these types of patters you don’t want to choose the obvious ubiquitous color. You want to highlight the less represented color to compliment the outfit. I could have also selected some green earrings to make the leaves on the shirt stand out.

ove ina cup!

This second outfit I loved and I see myself wearing it all the time! 90’s vibe again with the boot cut jeans. I got this shirt at Forever 21 and I love how beachy and retro it is. Since the pattern has more feel of greens, I decided to go with small orange earrings. I could have gone with hot pink earrings as well to bring out the hints of color. It is all about highlighting the minimal colors. These pairs of sunnies are my favorite and they give it the retro look. This is the bronze handmade purse from Mexico En La Piel I featured on my Fashion Rule #6 post. I absolutely love how this purse adds to the beachy retro vibe this outfit looks. And of course my other ultimate favorite shoes: platforms from Steve Madden. I have now realized I love this outfit because all my favorite pieces are in it!

i just wanna go to the

Last but not least, one of my favorite floral dresses from Sara’s! I got this dress last year from Sara the local boutique shop in Laredo. Honestly they have a lot of cute floral, trendy stuff all the time. A featured blog for Sara will be coming soon. But lets talk about the details on this dress! The color scheme to this dress is more of pastels so this is perfect for the spring. Since this dress is a bit formal but a bit fun, it can be worn to a day event or social. Absolutely love how this dress is short but has a long tail to it. I choose to complement the pink details on the dress by adding small drop earrings. I could have also chosen to highlight the subtle hints of purple. I wish I could wear this dress 24/7!

Love ina cup!


Don’t forget to follow my Pinterest boards on more floral outfit ideas. Make sure you are styling floral correctly and if you ever have a question feel free to shoot me a DM through instagram.




Photos @martinxlove

Fashion Rule #6: Find the perfect purse for the season

Purses are what makes your outfit complete. They also help carry everything you need to conquer the day. In this post I want to share with you my current go to spring purses and how I am styling them.

Purses can be the eye-catching accessory in your outfit of the day or can be the accessory that gives your outfit the vibe you’re going for. I personally try to own at least 3 different purses for each season. I know sometimes we stick to the same purse for a while because we carry a whole lot of unnecessary junk! LOL I have been there and I am guilty of carrying a worn out purse for a while. Remember you always want to change it up a bit and have your current purse be an outfit accessory, not just a bag used for carrying stuff.

Purses: The fashion accessory that carries your life!

My favorite brands to shop purses are Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Aldo’s. It is important to invest in a good brand so it will not wear out as fast and stay looking fresh longer time. I also don’t discriminate against purses so I buy from Forever 21 or Aeropostale. Whatever purse you choose make sure you care for it so it can last a while.

This first purse I got it from Aldo’s and its my second favorite cross-body! (My first favorite is my Kate Spade cross-body).


If you follow me on insta, this was the purse you all voted for me to buy! I was in between this one and another flower print purse. Not regretting this purchase at all! Love the colors and the flowers, just perfect for the spring season. Since this purse has a lot going on, all you need to do is style it with simple colors. This ties in the girly vibe of the outfit. I wore it two different ways: cross-body and double strap. Even though its a small cross-body it has so many pockets that I love.

The second purse is also from Aldo’s and it’s from and old summer collection. I love this piece because it gives my outfit a beach vibe with the orange and navy stripes. I can definitely carry a whole lot more in this purse. For sure the statement piece is the purse in this outfit.


And I have saved the best for last! I am currently obsessed with this bronze HANDMADE purse from Mexico en La Piel. This beauty comes all the way from Oaxaca in Mexico. As you know I love supporting small biz so make sure you go follow @mexicoenlapiel on instagram.


Every fashion accessory comes from a specific place in Mexico and the best part is that they are HANDMADE! You will learn more about Mexico En La Piel through my business blog soon! I wear this beauty with everything and it fits anything! I would show you the outfit I used this with but this will be for the next fashion rule: FLORAL!

I challenge you to change out the purse you currently have. Make sure this fashion accessory is within the current spring season. If you need help choosing an awesome purse feel free to shoot me a DM through insta or shop Mexico El La Piel through their instagram feed.

Photos by: @martinxlove



Fashion Rule #24: Know how to style statement earrings

Spring and summer are my all time favorite seasons to show off statement earrings. In this blog I want you to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with different types of earrings. At some point I was not used to big earrings and did not want to wear them at all. Studs and pearls were my favorite! But I noticed just by changing earrings my outfit would totally change. You could go from business professional to girly outfit just by the earrings! I now have so many statement earrings that I love and use all the time.

The bolder the earring, the bigger the statement!

For instance lets take this trendy off the shoulder ruffled shirt and show you how many different styles you can pull off by just changing earrings.

this one

Go for black and gold earrings for a night out paired with black denim and gold or black heels. The blue drop earrings can go perfect for an elegant look style with a patterned skirt. The top right earrings are currently my personal favorite! I feel they can make any outfit retro and current 90’s vibe. The bottom pink dangles can give your outfit of the day a girly look.

But my current absolute favorite have been the avocado earrings from Fruity Poms!

They are handmade and can add are the perfect match for a simple or colorful outfit for the season. Can you believe these are the mini size! Go check out their Instagram page and order these cuties or different kinds of fruits: cherries, strawberries, pomegranates, lemons, or watermelons! They not only make handmade fruit earrings but other awesome statement earrings that I know you will love!

Get out of your comfort zone and try statement earrings this week. I will assure you that will you fall in love with the extra style they add to your outfit of the day. Don’t forget to support small businesses and shop @fruitypoms insta feed.



Photos by @martinxlove

Fashion Rule # 33: Stripes are a must in your closet

I cannot contain my excitement: stripes are so trending right now! Stripes can make your outfit of the day simple, clean and retro! I honestly love stripes because you can easily throw on a stripped shirt, some jeans, statement earrings and you’re good to go! I recently went to one of my favorite stores and they had a huge section dedicated to everything stripes.  You should have your basic stripped tee, a simple button down stripped shirt, and any type of stripped dress. Stripes can certainly be for any occasion but you must learn how to pair them up.

Stripes can be the focal point of your outfit depending on the type of stripes and colors paired




This first outfit is a little retro and 90’s, which i totally love. Always pair bold colors with a medium wash or blue pair of denim to make the colors stand out. Since the stripes are bold, all you need is basic earrings to complete the outfit. I decided to wear gold earrings that had a bit of blue in them to contrast the orange and gold strapped heels to compliment. Pair them with some oversized sunnies and you are so living the 90’s vibe.



This second outfit can be seen as more girly and dressed up. Because these stripes are closed together and thin, they can assemble a solid color from afar. I have paired these with some complementary statement earrings. I honestly love that this shirt is so unique and flows. The shirt is going to be the statement piece of the whole outfit so all you need to compliment it. This shirt could also go good with some orange earrings or hot pink cross-body bag. Anything that compliments blue is a go with this outfit!

Here is another way you can style the traditional black and while stripped shirt. This shirt is perfect for the spring and can be paired up with any color of shorts or denim. I have paired this shirt with some military green high wasted denim and some rose gold flip flops. The outfit on the right is paired up with black denim and gold sandals for more of a classic feel.


Whatever mood you are in for the day, stripes is what will easily get you fashionably dressed and ready for the day. Have a happy and productive Monday!




Photos by @martinxlove

Fashion Rule #12 : You must own a little black dress

Welcome to my first fashion blog post! The Fashion Rule Book is designed to help you find your ideal fashion style. I will be writing about different types of clothing you should own in your closet and demonstrating how to pair them up. These fashion rules have all been created by my style of knowledge through magazines, blogs, and trends. I will be randomizing the rules as they go. Don’t feel pressured to follow these “rules” but use them as a guideline for your own specific style.

If you haven’t done so I encourage you to visit the About Me tab and learn more about my style icons, signature style, favorite brands and much more. Feel free to follow me on social media @xalicia13 to get hints on my upcoming posts, giveaways and much more. Lets start with one of the many basic fashion rules I believe will help you dress for any occasion.

#12: You must own a little black dress

Girls if you don’t own a simple little black dress go shop for one now! This is an easy, go-to dress for any occasion. Since this Texas weather has been super crazy these first few months of the year, a black dress is the perfect medium for any season dress.

I have paired this little black dress with some velvet blush booties from Steve Madden. I decided to add a splash of color by adding the mesh dress on top (which can be used with another dress color or as a shirt). No need to add anything else the flowery mesh dress is your focal point of the outfit, all you need is some hoop earrings of your choice.


Don’t be afraid to combine two different textiles in one outfit: in this occasion, velvet with mesh. Layering hasn’t gone out of style and with this outfit I needed the little hint of blue from the flowers to contrast and pop out. I decided to add a blue denim button down long sleeve as  outer wear.




Half-way wearing a layering piece is currently trending so of course I had to do it! This outfit can be used for a birthday dinner, date or even a night out. I was (literally) on top of the world with this choice of outfit for the day!

Two other different styles you can wear a little black dress:

Elegant:                                                               Hanging Out:

  • Statement Necklace/Earrings                               •  Converse or Vans
  • Bold deep colors: Red, Royal Blue                         •  Denim Jacket
  • Colored/patterned heels                                         •  Crossbody Bag
  • Bold lipstick                                                               •  Oversized Sunglasses

I have created a Pinterest board on my Fashion Rule Book. There you will be able to find more ways to wear a little black dress in summer, winter, spring and fall. Remember this basic fashion rule always! There will be more coming your way!





Photo credits: Siam @siam.png