Fashion Rule #32: Don’t be afraid of a bigger size run

It’s been a minute but I am back! Been having creators block + holiday working hours for the past two months. Let’s be honest to each other…we don’t have active seasons all the time. But here I am pushing through this small valley in my creativity and writing my last fall blog. Did this shootContinue reading “Fashion Rule #32: Don’t be afraid of a bigger size run”

Fashion Rule #21: Corduroy for Fall SZN

It is finally cold in the South Texas Area! Although we get a bit of Christmas vibes with these chilly days, don’t forget we are still in the fall season. And I am so in love with corduroy for the fall. I feel this fabric is a mixture of vintage + simplicity. The exact sameContinue reading “Fashion Rule #21: Corduroy for Fall SZN”

Fashion Rule #35: Must have print – L E O P A R D

Fall is the seaon of prints! There is no exclusion for the trendy leopard print styles. Don’t know why but this print brings out the 90’s in me. Last year leopard print was just used to accessorize: only seen in shoes, scarves, purses. But this year it’s on! Everywhere! Got this dress from A’gaci andContinue reading “Fashion Rule #35: Must have print – L E O P A R D”

Fashion Rule #44: Mauve colors for Fall

Believe me, all I want to wear for the chilly fall days are dark colors. If you are like me and struggle to get out of the browns and black color palette I got you! Recently discovered how turning Summer colors like pink, blue or yellow into mauve colors can be perfect for the fall.Continue reading “Fashion Rule #44: Mauve colors for Fall”

Fashion Rule #11: Be a woman in business

Lovely ladies! This is one post that I have been really excited to write on. Not only because Martin really captured the essence of professional and they look so aesthetically pleasing. If I could be in business professional or casual attire every day I would! I would hate an 8-5 office job, but the onlyContinue reading “Fashion Rule #11: Be a woman in business”

Fashion Rule #48: Athleisure for rainy days

I love rainy days! Just something about the gloomy rainy days gets me living. The calming sound of light or pouring rain combined with the smell of wet dirt on a gloomy day is my favorite day. There are some people that don’t like to drive or go anywhere once it starts raining. But forContinue reading “Fashion Rule #48: Athleisure for rainy days”

Fashion Rule #49: Festive Season requieres a festive outfit

Most of you guys reading my blogs are from other states or other parts of the world. Really appreciate the support by reading my creations. I am from a developing boarder town with Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico. Living in a boarder town and being Hispanic calls for our culture to celebrate holidays from both countries.Continue reading “Fashion Rule #49: Festive Season requieres a festive outfit”

Fashion Rule #14: Transition color palette is here

As summer is coming to an end and fall is approaching super slow here in south Texas, it is super difficult to know what to wear. Some days you still want to wear floral patterns with bright colors but it just feels off. Other days you are so ready for the pumpkin spice vibes slowlyContinue reading “Fashion Rule #14: Transition color palette is here”

Fashion Rule #40: Matching sets…Required!

All good things must come to an end they say. I cannot believe this is my last summer blog post! I love summer and its fashion! You can wear so many cute outfits with amazing pops of color, get away with any type of bold patterns, but best of all have lots of summer fun.Continue reading “Fashion Rule #40: Matching sets…Required!”