Fashion Rule #21: Corduroy for Fall SZN

It is finally cold in the South Texas Area! Although we get a bit of Christmas vibes with these chilly days, don’t forget we are still in the fall season. And I am so in love with corduroy for the fall. I feel this fabric is a mixture of vintage + simplicity. The exact same day I wore this outfit someone was like “oh look at you with a corduroy skirt, that style is so 90’s”….which I responded, “well yes it is and it’s back”. (Insert emoji with sunglasses here).

In this look I wanted to keep the corduroy skirt the focal point of the outfit. This is why I kept my boot, bodysuit, and pursue all black. I bought this circle skirt at Forever 21 last year when they were on sale after the fall season so I didn’t get to wear it much. But this fall season though!!! Shout out to my friend for saving me this snake print Michael Khors cross body. At first I thought it would be too small to put anything in it, but it has so many pockets + a secret one I love. Honestly invest in some good black leather boots they are the must have boot for the fall and winter season; these are from Steve Madden and the fit is so great.


In love with this body suit I bought at Forever 21, my favorite store in the whole wide universe… just kidding! It is so comfortable and love the high neckline and open back. I added some artisan light gray earrings to contrast the outfit. If I would have gone with black earrings or earrings to match my skirt color, the outfit would have been so boring and basic. Never keep your outfit a two-tone color range, because that’s soooo basic! Three tone is the perfect starting point.

Shot these when the weather was still at 70 degrees, but for the chilly weather you can add a cream color coozy sweater, leopard print jacket, or even a long black pea coat.

Hope you were able to feel the fall vibes in this outfit and don’t be afraid to add corduroy to your closet. It doesn’t have to be a skirt but it could be a jacket, overalls, or even pants. Try it and you will not regret it I pinky promise!

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