Fashion Rule #8: Back in Black

Been stalling on this post for a while! Asides from losing all the photos from this shoot and only having 3 on my phone, I had different ideas on how to write this post. This blog post kept on changing from my basic writing to a tutorial type and back to just basic descriptive writing. I couldn’t decide on how to write but here it is!

Black on black is the ulimate go to for the fall and winter season. Everybody and their mothers know that. You can NEVER and I mean NEVER go wrong with an all black outfit. It can be styled with every type of shoe and any type of outerwear and accessories. Black is such a versatile color that you cannot miss out on.

As a trendsetter don’t make a mistake and look like everyone else who wears black on black. In this oufit I choose to go with a classic black on black look pairing it up with gold accessories.

Here are some ways you can style and change up a black outfit to make it your own.

Untitled design

  1. Accessories: From bracelets to rings and earrings you can change the style of your look by selecting your favorite jewelry. Statement earrings and necklaces are a good go. Simple studs give your black on black outfit a soft look. Remember your purse is your accessory too. Even when you decide to wear all black just by adding a printed or colored purse will make your outfit stand out.
  2. Make up: Bold lipstick colors or drastic eye shadow can change the look of your outfit instantly so go for it! But just pick which one so they won’t clash. Or you can decide on a soft pink or nude look, whatever you choose it will complement the black.
  3.  Shoes: This outfit look can be complete with any type of shoes. From sneakers to heels depending on the ocassion you can rock anything with an all black outfit. Any type of print and color can add style to your outfit.
  4. Outerwear: I didnt add any in this look, but outerwear is your BFF when it comes to sporting all black. Adding a classic denim jacket or printed is a different way to style this. Try not to make the usual fashion mistake and wear a black leather jacket. It looks nice, but you want to be a trendsetter and stand out.

Make sure to make your black on black outfit stand out this fall and winter season. For more inspired looks make sure to checkout my Pinterest board.




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