Fashion Rule #44: Mauve colors for Fall

Believe me, all I want to wear for the chilly fall days are dark colors. If you are like me and struggle to get out of the browns and black color palette I got you!

Recently discovered how turning Summer colors like pink, blue or yellow into mauve colors can be perfect for the fall. They are the perfect transition colors between Summer and Fall that can still work fresh and chilly weather. What is currently trendy is the purple and pink mauve colors.

Martin gave me a perfect idea and wanted to dedicate this blog to a special cause. October is for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we wanted to commemorate this cause. Martin and I wanted to dedicate this blog for those of you who have personally struggled with breast cancer or have had a family member of friend go through this hardship. I not only want to be able to share a trendy fashion post with you, but also help by supporting those going through a difficult season in their life.

Pink is the official color of the National Breast Cancer Foundation so in this look ofcourse I had to wear a cute but simple pink mauve dress to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness. You can never go wrong with a denim jacket in the fall season. With mauve colors you want to pair them up with nudes or darks to make it stand out.


I decided to add some patter to my solid pink mauve dress by accessorizing it with a pink mauve snake pursue. This is one of my favorite crossbody purses. Although it is small it can store up a whole lot and I love wearing it in the fall. Pair this out fit with some dark brown boots and you are good to go! Snake print will be so in this fall season and I will later demonstrate you how do style it in another blog. But you can definetly start introducing this print with mauve solid colors. Aren’t you feeling the fall vibes already?!


Matching the brown colors with my purse I decided to pair them up with some trendy statement earrings. These earrings have a bit of light blue to match my denim jacket and give a contrast effect with the brown and nude colors. Makes the outfit complete!



In support with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Martin and I want to make a difference and want to there for those who have shared their stories with us. Here is the link to support this cause and help with monetary donations you can. We all might have encountered someone in our lives at some point who has been through this difficult route. We want to let you know we support and keep your families in our prayers.

Information, Awareness & Donations

October is coming to an end but Breast Cancer Awareness month to us is not just this month. But to us we will support throughout the year of any time anyone is in need.





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