Fashion Rule #11: Be a woman in business

Lovely ladies! This is one post that I have been really excited to write on. Not only because Martin really captured the essence of professional and they look so aesthetically pleasing. If I could be in business professional or casual attire every day I would! I would hate an 8-5 office job, but the only reason why I would do it is to dress professional every single day! No lie! I love the elegance and the classy vibes business professional attire gives off.

I’ve seen a lot of girls attempt to dress business professional but tend to miss a lot of very important rules on this type of attire. Key factors that will help you dress to impress and be respected as a woman in the business world. I hope this post will not only help you select your outfit for a job interview or important business meeting, but will challenge you to choose the right makeup, hair style and accessories to complete the business look.

Business professional look is the only style that has to be played by the rules in order to nail look

When dressing business professional, your dress must be at knee lenght or lower. I repeat, it MUST BE AT KNEE LENGHT or lower to be the correct lenght. Ladies I see this mistake happen time and time again. I’m sorry but you’re not going to a club, you are going to either an interview, important meeting or dinner. Also make sure NOT TO wear tight dresses. Fitted dresses are acceptable. You want to look professional and be taken seriously. A good business professional always wears a blazer. Make sure to wear an appropriate size of blazer, nothing too small or nothing too big. Investing in a nice blazer can make a big difference on your attire. I love blazers and I have so many for any occassion.


Moving on to my favorite: shoes. Ladies don’t be afraid to wear heels. Notice how I didn’t say stylettos, but heels. Your heels cannot be taller than 3-5 inches. I’ve seen so many girls do this incorrectly. Believe me the way other professionals will see your attaire will matter so much on your first impression. For accessories also keep it on a minimum. You don’t want to distract others our yourself. Also simple earrings and a watch will give you a clean look.


Your makeup for a business attire must be natural. Avoid vivid eye shadow and lipstick colors. You don’t want to distract on the job, you want to impress. You also want to look elegant and classy so natural colors will give you a clean look.

I promise you that by looking your best for an interview, meeting, business seminar, or anything that will require your elegant self, these rules are golden. As woman in the business world, we must not only be ready to close sales but also ready to impress and gain respect from those around us. There are so many woman in the business field that do not get taken seriously just by their aesthetic. Don’t just be the role, look the role and be your best at 100%.

For more fashion tips on business professional attire feel free to follow my Pinterest (link on home page).



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