Fashion Rule #49: Festive Season requieres a festive outfit

Most of you guys reading my blogs are from other states or other parts of the world. Really appreciate the support by reading my creations. I am from a developing boarder town with Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico. Living in a boarder town and being Hispanic calls for our culture to celebrate holidays from both countries. Not just because I’m Hispanic, but I believe celebrating the Mexican culture is the most beautiful and amazing way to celebrate with our sister country.

Mexico has so many holidays they celebrate throughout the year. And when they get festive, it gets big! September is one of those months that our boarder city decides to go all out in celebrating Mexican Independence Day.

So going through my closet I realized I didn’t have any Mexican heritage outfit to celebrate part of my culture. I was so thankful to partner up with an amazing entrepreneur and have the chance to promote Viva Artisan Boutique. Viva specializes in selling artisan fashion clothing for woman and kids. They also have accessories to complete your artisan look.

I love these tops because they are fashionable and cultural at the same time. Because of their vibrant colors, they can be styled by themselves or add on a belt for a more cultural look. Loved all these colors and couldn’t choose which one to fiesta in.


Viva also carries these beautiful off the shoulder blouses that make any day a fiesta! When selecting an outfit to celebrate Mexican culture, make sure it has bright colors and has cultural heritage represented.

These are currently Viva’s top sellers. Make sure to check them out on social media @vivaartisan and on Facebook through Viva Artisan Boutique and get your festive outfit before they are gone!



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