Fashion Rule #40: Matching sets…Required!

All good things must come to an end they say. I cannot believe this is my last summer blog post! I love summer and its fashion! You can wear so many cute outfits with amazing pops of color, get away with any type of bold patterns, but best of all have lots of summer fun. This doesn’t mean I will stop blogging, no not at all. Although summer is my favorite fashion season, I am looking forward to the transition outfits for the fall. Believe me I am currently working on some awesome pre-fall content you will love.

Matching sets are a perfect way to end the summer because you can find them in so many different patters and colors. This is why I would recommend for you to at least have one matching set in your closet. I honestly love the fact these retro pieces came back and we can now rock them the classic way or the millennial way.

I had a very difficult time looking for the perfect matching set that matched my summer style, was comfortable, but most importantly, COVERED! If you are like me and you don’t want to show too much skin, this is a problem for matching sets. I searched everywhere! From online to retail, I desperately wanted to find a cute matching set that was able to have medium to full coverage.

I stumbled upon this matching set at Forever 21 and I loved it! It had the perfect colors for the summer and the top was not too short. Believe it or not the fabric on both pieces is a beach towel fabric. It is something unique added to my closet for sure! The top is a cropped tank and the bottom is a high-wasted skirt.


I would definitely say avoid wearing boots in the summer but totally making an exception with this outfit. These solid mauve Steve Madden booties are perfect to tie in the outfit together. I don’t really like wearing tight outfit on its own so I styled it with a denim button down. If you are like me and feel just a bit uncomfortable wearing a tight top with a tight bottom, wearing a layering piece will definitely make you feel more comfortable.


Since matching sets are meant to be the focal point of your outfit you really want to accessorize to a minimum, match with solids, and be subtle. I added some light pink drop earrings and just wore a simple diamond ring. You don’t want to accessorize a whole lot because your matching set is already a hand full. Your summer outfit cannot be complete without your favorite pair of sunnies.

I will forever miss you summer! Staying hydrated with yummy teas was my favorite part of you asides from wearing trendy outfits. Since it’s south Texas, I will probably continue to wear summer stuff until two million months from now when the weather actually turns fresh. (I love exaggerating, can you tell!)IMG_9450

If you have any suggestions for pre-fall outfits or would want to see how I style certain fall pieces leave me a comment below or send me a quick message on my Insta. Would love to answer your fashion questions. Honestly try adding a matching set to your closet. You will not regret it!



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