Fashion Rule #18: Summer is for trendy Swimwear

After almost 2 weeks of brainstorming for more blog most I finally had a chance to create a blog for swim wear. This had been a requested topic throughout the summer, specially from one of my co workers. Ale Im finally posting it LOL I’ve also been working so much that I didn’t have any time or energy to write or even any creativity. But thank God that is over and I can be continually active in writing.

I honestly thought I would be a little late for this post since summer is coming to an end. But here in the great state of Texas and in the south, summer will stay for 2 more months! And I’ve seen everyone post on how they will miss the pool for summer so it is actually a perfect time for this swim post.

On this post I decided to highlight the use of a cover up differently. I want you to turn away from the traditional cover up, dig into your closet, and make your summer swim stand out.

I decided to use a military green vest I had as a cover up. You can even use a denim shirt as a cover up to give your swim a different type of vibe. I decided to go with this vest because its over sized and can cover up perfectly. I also wanted to highlight the hint greens from the bottom piece of the swim. It gives it more of a complete look.

High-wasted two pieces and also one pieces are in right now. I didn’t want to take away from the bold summer colors and I decided to not do all the look with pattern. Highlighting the bold light blue color from the bottom piece makes the colors coherent.


I am only dedicating this post on matching colors and how to give your swim wear a different look with a cover up. There are so many things we can dive into with swim wear. Swim can be very diverse because of the different styles of it for different body types. For me Pinterest has helped in that area. Go search up swim wear for body types and you will learn how to find the perfect match for your body. I am so not an expert on it so Pinterest helped a lot for sure!

Using bright bold colors in the summer are the best way to celebrate the summer weather. If you are more into the black, sophisticated look….I GOT YOU! Go on to my Pinterest page and you can find other ideas on how to style swim wear.



Photos @martinxlove


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