Self-development is #goals

As I approach the third quarter of 2018, I am reflecting back on the personal and professional goals I placed for myself. In all honesty there are some goals that were more difficult to achieve than others but I am proud to say I have progressed this year. I have been able to learn and previously master goal setting. Because of goal setting, I have been able to grown personally and as a leader.

I have grown to love goal setting. I place personal and professional goals for myself every 3 months out of the year. Goals will help you get to the next level while making you feeling good about attaining something you weren’t able to before.

Here are some practical tips on how to self-improve with goals:

  1. Place attainable, reasonable goals
  2. Write it all down!
  3. Track progress with feedback

Place attainable goals

We all work differently so make sure to place attainable goals for yourself. You can start as simple as “waking up 30min early everyday”, or “read one book a quarter”. Goals are made to tailor your lifestyle and develop you. You can have three goals a month or just one but make sure these goals are what YOU want to do and what will make you grow.

Write it all down!

Sometimes we just say in our heads “this month for sure I will start going to the gym 4 times a week” but we don’t really act on. I found that writing your goals down can make you more accountable to yourself. Not only do you want to write them down make sure to be as detailed as possible. Be detailed in how you want to achieve those goals.

For example: Goal #1- Start a fitness routine

– Exercise 1 hour a day/4 days minimum

-Go for an outdoor walk

As soon as you write it all down make sure to put it in a visible place where you see the paper everyday. This will help you remind yourself of what you want to achieve and how you want to grow everyday.

Track progress

At the end of the period, make sure to track your progress. If you only went twice to the gym instead of 4 times a week, write it down. Write down what kept you back from achieving your goals. Write what really helped you through the process. This will make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again on your future goals. Remember to be honest with yourself. Nobody else is going to review your goals other than yourself.

I did learn how to place goals through the NextGen Tribe Leadership Program. Tribe connects you with amazing mentors who pour into your life personally and spiritually. I have learned to set goals for myself, my future dreams, ministry and work. Because of Tribe I know the importance of self development.

Because I want you to experience the power of goal setting, I have decided to have a giveaway. Go follow me on Instagram @xalicia13 for a freebie on Sunday. I know we are halfway down the year but it is never late to start developing yourself into what you want to become.

Whatever you aspire to become in the long run: a boss, world leader, a good mother, a real estate agent, a teacher, you need to set some goals to get there. I can assure you these three steps can help you become better and achieve the unthinkable regardless of the intensity of your goals.



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