Fashion Rule #3: Choose the right makeup for your OOTD

IT IS SUMMER! And with that comes colorful outfits you can wear. By now you must have realized summer is one of my favorite season where you can wear so many colors, patters, and styles. I feel summer is the season to burst out your creativity and try something new.

I want you girls to understand the importance of looking good and feeling good. My past supervisor told me, “When you wear makeup, you not only get ready for the day, you feel confident ready to TAKE ON the day”. She was right! There are those days when I don’t wear make up to work and I am dragging, feeling slow. When I choose my right outfit and makeup, I automatically feel energized and want to face anything throughout the day. Depending on your outfit, your makeup has to match 100%. It will add to the vibe you are choosing to go for.

In this blog post, GlamByAnaK will share her ideas and tips on how to do everyday makeup to bold makeup. Ana Karen Gonzalez started her self-taught business with the hopes of girls noticing their natural beauty. She states “natural beauty is key to every girl’s life. I feel like a girl should never forget how beautiful they are without makeup. Of course, makeup always gives us girls a boost of confidence but something I like to remind all girls in general is that natural beauty is always #1”.

Ana Karen is a 19 year old freelance entrepreneur studying business marketing to use in the beauty industry. She became passionate about glamoring girls and doing make up on others was a way to distress herself. Ana Karen loves to get creative and make girls feel beautiful in their own skin. Her interest in makeup started at the age of 12 when she would wear eye shadow to school. After many compliments, she decided to start practicing more and learning new techniques. She would also learn makeup from her mom, watching her everyday routine and asking her what to apply first or last.


Ana Karen’s favorite makeup style is what she likes to call “natural but glam”. Orange and brown tones are what she feels can style naturally. Although it is a natural look you can always glam yourself up with bold red lips giving it a balance from the light tones of eye shadows. Her favorite makeup brand is Morphe because she feels it has all types of palettes with good quality and is affordable. She recommends the Morphe 3502 shadow palette because it includes all types of colors from browns, oranges to pinks, shimmers and mattes.


Her favorite makeup influencer is currently Desi Perkins, because she makes all looks seem natural but still very glam. She is genuine and humble regardless if shes known by so many people. She gives great tips for all types of skin.


The ultimate goal for Glam By Ana K is to grow in the beauty industry and become influential. She hopes to partner with companies to create her own cosmetic line to be sold world wide. Ana Karen hopes to open her own makeup salon in Los Angels, California or in a city with the same demand for the beauty industry.

In this look, I told Ana Karen I wanted to go for a summer look. She decided to go with gold shadow with a undertone of blue and we both loved it! Go follow me on Instagram to see how she can do step by step natural look featured later on this week. Follow Glam By Ana K on Instagram and trust her with any future make up you need. I promise you this look lasted the whole day and I didn’t want to take it off at the end of the day! I loved it!



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