Fashion Rule# 23: Create a bold statement with necklaces

Statement necklaces! I have written on how to style statement earrings including its do’s and don’ts. Now it is the necklace’s turn to shine. There are many ways statement necklaces can add the pop you need on your outfit.

Here are some ways on how to wear statement necklaces:

  • wear with solids

  • add on graphics

  • always wear studded earrings to compliment

  • match them with shoes or purse

  • wear them with the right neckline

Here are some ways I have styled necklaces in the past. But one of my favorite styles has been the recent summer looks I have created.

In this outfit I decided to make my statement necklace pop by wearing all solids. I honestly had no creativity in matching this outfit. But as soon as we started to shoot, I loved the outfit. Paired it up with some navy, flowy shorts and a white onesie.


What I love about this necklace is the pop of colors because it can be matched with anything. I can easily match it with a yellow shirt, white dress, or even brown off the shoulder. These colors are soooo summer.


Don’t be afraid to wear big necklaces to add a pop to your outfit. Follow me on Insta @xalicia13 for a chance to enter a giveaway for a cute statement necklace.



Photos: @martinxlove

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