Fashion Rule # 50: Don’t forget to style fashion fads

Welcome back to Trends by Alicia!

I really wanted to talk about fashion fads and the importance of taking advantage of them while they are in style. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about let’s start by defining what a fad is.

According to a fad is defined by “a temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group”.

The main keywords for you to basically understand its definition is TEMPORARY and ENTHUSIASTICALLY. Remember the fidget spinners…FAD! The silly band bracelets made out of different shapes…FAD! The sketchers shoes with the wheels…FAD! These were all introduced into the market enthusiastically but were only temporary. Everyone made sure to get a hold of them before they were gone.

The fashion world also has fads. Some are not so great and I’m glad they are just temporary. But others are super cute and I wish they could stay longer. But because of their uniqueness and fashion-forward vibes they are only temporary.

Let’s talk about some current fashion fads. Poms, jelly sandals, and kimonos. Honestly I thought poms were going to become a fashion trend but they kinda flopped. Thought they were going to be on everything because of its enthusiastic entrance to the fashion world but they vanished quick. Three years ago the glitter jelly sandals were a fashion fad. So this time I got the bright jelly sandals that have been trending so I wouldn’t miss out.

My favorite current fashion fad is the kimono. I love the vibrant colors it has and the flow it brings to the summer. It’s so easy to style and gives your outfit the summer look, effortlessly!



Bought this kimono from Shein website. It was my first time buying from this site and I made sure I knew what I was getting myself into. I read up on reviews through social media and their website to be well informed. Because it’s internationally shipped, it takes about 4-7 weeks for your order to arrive. Since I only ordered one thing I took about 4 weeks to receive it. The kimono was exactly what it said in the description and really met my expectations. I was so happy when styling it!

Here’s the link where you can get our own and start trending while this fad is out! ‘There are other cute prints and colors

There are other ideas on my Pinterest board on how to style this beauty. Have found other bloggers who love it as much as I do. Make sure to always take advantage of any fashion fad that comes up in the future while it lasts.



Photos @martinxlove

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