Fashion Rule # 26: Embroidery is trending

HAPPY MONDAY! Mondays are my favorite not only because I get to share a little bit of my fashion creativity with a new blog post. Mondays give me a fresh mind to get things done this week and continue to progress personally.

In this fashion blog post I will be featuring my favorite denim embroidered skirt from Wonderfully Made Shop! As you know I love supporting local and small businesses, specially when they are run by a woman.

Wonderfully Made Shop was created by Clarissa Olivares in hopes of helping girls fight their insecurities and know they are beautiful the way they are. Just like stated in Psalms 139:14, this young entrepreneur wants girls to know they were wonderfully made by the hands of God. Clarissa wants for girls to buy beautiful pieces for them to be comfortable, confident and know they can love themselves. Although she understands materialistic things and self image are not all about feeling beautiful, but they will certainly give you a boost of confidence you need when struggling with insecurities.

This is my favorite piece from Wonderfully Made Shop! I love this embroidered skirt because it is so fashionable, trendy and comfortable. Because of my short height I sometimes have trouble finding the perfect skirt that is not too long nor short in length. The flowers on this skirt are just right, not too crowded nor simple.



I decided to style this skirt with an olive-green top to compliment the not so obvious color on the skirt. When matching tops and bottoms, you always want to select the minimal color represented so that the color that is boldly represented stands out. Yes the obvious color I could have selected for a matching top could have been red. If I would have selected a red top, the embroidered piece would not have had the pop in my look. You always want to make the selected main piece of your outfit stand out not over crowd it.

Also keep in mind the skirt is light wash so you always want to wear a dark top with light wash denim for them not to clash. If I would have selected a light top like a pearl or white top, then the outfit would have been colorless.


I paired up my outfit with some brown heels to finish giving it an earthy look. This creates an outfit perfect for a friends hangout outdoors. Go to and look at the awesome stuff Clarissa has for you. Use my code ‘ALICIA1’ for a 15% off one item plus FREE SHIPPING. Girls don’t forget you were fearfully and wonderfully made by our God who loves you just the way you are.



Photos: @martinxlove

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