Fashion Rule #34: Polka Dots are a must for the summer

This is the first time I am trying something new for the blog. Every look and fashion idea I’ve blogged about are ideas I’ve worn on a constant basis. But this print is something new for me.

I love prints! And guess what print is starting to trend? POLKA DOTS! Would you believe me if I said I don’t own any polka dotted item in my closet until now. I couldn’t believe how cool this print looks. These are two ways you can rock polka dots this summer.

This first look features a classic polka dot pattern I purchased from Agaci. Everyone usually wears this navy polka dot with red accessories but I wanted to change it up a bit. With the help of an awesome fashion trendsetter, Daniela from Fruity Poms, I was able to custom make these beautiful yellow earrings. These go with everyone! Worn them a couple of times to make my outfit pop and everyone likes them.

The key is to grab compliemntay colors and mix them all together to create a different look. Since polka dot shirt is already patterned make sure not to wear anything else that is patterned.


This second look is so easy to rock. I love dresses because they are a simple and fast way to dress up. All you gotta do is add accessories to it and your outfit is complete.

Got this awesome dress from Forever 21 and I loved the one sides slit. To this dress I just added some pop of color with the magenta blocked heels and blue green pom earrings. This pop of different colors gives the look a summer feel. Don’t be afraid to have different colors in your outfit. You don’t have to match everything all the time.

Whatever your style is make sure to make it bold and add a bunch of color this summer for polka dots. Every post I make comes with YOU in mind first. Don’t forget to stay trending and follow my Pinterest board for more fashion ideas.



Photos @martinxlove


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