Fashion Rule #19: A trend setter wears graphics

Believe me when I tell you I have a whole bunch of graphic tees in my closet. From our school spirit shirts to fundraiser shirts we buy or even free shirts we get at events our closet is full of them. I personally love to support local which adds to my collection of graphics.

Graphic tees were created as a marketing and advertising tool. We wear anything from plain colored tee with a brand logo on it that we buy for like $30 (which are so trending right now), to a specialized one of a kind shirt from one of our friends who is selling for a fundraiser.

Graphics are a representation of what we stand for. These shirts allow us to boldly express ourselves with having little to say. I always make sure the graphics I wear are a representation of you I am and what I want to proudly stand for.

I know we mostly wear graphics with jeans or shorts. But I want you to be trending and look cute while wearing what you represent.

This is only one way I have worn this graphic; I have so many ideas to go with this shirt. I love representing and supporting one of my favorite hip hop artist. This is a shirt from the 116 collection I had bought to my first Andy Mineo concert. Since even the small sizes fit me big, all I did was cut the length of it to fit me cropped. Since I really wanted for the orange to stand out I decided to pair it with some bold stripped pants. Make sure to use bold colors and patterns to make your simple graphic stand out.


I really wanted to make sure the orange stood out on this outfit. Combining it with a denim vest, orange long earrings and oversized sunnies is the ultimate best combo. In these bold colored outfits don’t be afraid to overuse the main color.

This next graphic is one of my new ones from Bold Love Apparel. I specifically selected this graphic because of its message. It has all the characteristics of who God says I am. I decided to pair this black and white with a bold pattern skirt. There are so specific rules as to how to pair the B&W tees so why not mix it up with colorful patterns. YOLO! Traditionally these tees are worn with black skinnies, converse and just a fringe or street look. But I wanted to mix it up a bit and create a summer outfit.


My shoes kinda tied in the outfit with the black and colored embroidered roses. Still continued to state the color with pink and gold earrings.

Whatever the graphic tee you decide to wear for the day make sure to mix it up with bold colors and patterns to give it a different look.Stop being boring with graphics and start trending in them!


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