Fashion Rule #7: Every trendsetter should have all types of shoes

If  you haven’t gotten to know me…. I LOVE SHOES! I actually start creating my outfit of the day based on what shoes I am in the mood to wear. For me, the shoe sets the tone for the outfit depending on my mood. If I feel like going about comfy or super girly, I choose the shoe that will help achieve that throughout the day. You will mostly see me wearing heels because those are my favorite. I specially love high platform heels with bold colors and patterns.

Try to get your hands on every pair of shoes you like! There are certain shoe types that I refuse to never buy in my life because I know I don’t like. But there are other fashion bloggers who can rock those shoes in an instant! Stay within your taste of fashion first, but don’t be afraid to try on new trendy shoes. An outfit can be totally transformed for the occasion by just changing shoes! Believe me I would go from work outfit to church outfit within 3 seconds just by changing my cute flip flops to classic wedges.

A couple of weeks ago I had a question on what is the perfect shoe that can be used for dressy to casual occasions. In my opinion, the shoe that will literately go with anything is the nude strap heel. My personal favorite strap heels are from Steve Madden. I haven’t had the chance to get a hold of the nude color, since they never have my size, but I have the black, white and yellow colors.

nude heelThis the strap heel can keep an outfit simple, not to dressed up. Or it can also appear elegant and ready to take on the night. You can also shop this same shoe with a blocked heel for more comfort. I’ve worn the strap heel with the floral dress and with baggy pants. These can also be paired up with jeans or even shorts! Check out my Pinterest for more outfit ideas with trap heels.

I have a collection of platforms and heels to dress up the looks and complete my trendy outfits. These are only SOME heels in my shoe collection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Asides from heels, I love to have different types of sneakers, boots, and sandals. I love to have a variety of shoes to match any type of outfit I plan to wear. I know heels can be a bit uncomfortable for some of you girls. Wear your comfiest shoes while looking cute and staying on trend always. Also, you don’t have to get the brand name shoes. There are so many times I find super cute shoes in discount stores like Payless and Marshalls.


I am always updating my shoes depending on the fashion trend that is occurring. You can get so many different outfits from one pair of shoes. Make sure to have a variety of styles to change up the mood of your outfit. Go checkout my Pinterest for outfit ideas depending on your shoes for the day @xalicia13. Also follow me on Poshmark. I am always uploading new shoes at affordable prices.



Photos @martinxlove


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