Fashion Rule #9: Style your favorite piece 3 different ways

I am sure we have all those moments where we are really into a certain song and replay it 20 times a day! Well something like this also happens within our closets without us noticing. Have you ever had a favorite shirt, dress, skirt, that you currently love and you want to wear it like all the time? Or you actually wear it like 24/7, 365?! I AM TOTALLY EXAGGERATING but you get the point. I am here to help you not look like a walking portrait wearing the same thing everyday.

I am currently in love with this denim dress I got at Agaci. It has pearls all over and it is super trendy and comfy. Got it with an extra 30% off when they were closing the location in the outlets. Luckily my creativity kicked in the other day and I changed the style of it because I wanted to wear it again. So here I am sharing with you my three outfit ideas for my current favorite dress.

First style is just to wear the dress as is. Paired it up simple with white pointy heels and some statement earrings.


If I wanted to be a bit more retro and add some color to the dress layering any colored shirt would go. Here I choose a collar long sleeve shirt that gave it a pop of color.


If you want to be more comfortable there is an option too! Adding sneakers to your favorite outfit will change its mood. For those who said sneakers and dresses don’t go, think again! Here I added some Nikes but Converse and Vans are also go-to’s. Paired it up with a pullover hoodie and BAM…comfortable it is!



What is your current favorite piece you find yourself picking up often? Make sure to change it up a bit so you can have a different look. When I really have no idea on how to wear something a different way, I take it up on the search bar on Pinterest. Just type in “white tee outfits” and so many different styles will pop up. Believe me the best trends will be on Pinterest first!



Photos @martinxlove

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