Fashion Rule #2: Plain white tee is a must

GUYSSS I AM BACK! I know it has been two Mondays that I haven’t posted any fashion rule. These past couple of weeks both Martin and I have been busy with finals, work, family and just creative ground in general on my part. One week I hit a “creators’ block” and just couldn’t think of content to continue on. Although I have a set list of fashion rules, I couldn’t come up with any outfit ideas nor found inspiration to do so. This past week I spent most of my time planning and writing content for what’s to come.

Oh believe me I am not about the plain life when it comes to choosing outfits for the day. But I have definitely learned how to value the plain white tee. And I specially hate it on boys!

On this blog post I will be embracing the simple round neck white tee as a layering piece.

I am pretty sure we have all seen them under strap dresses lately. I always liked how other girls could pull it off but I had never tried it myself.

This was one of my favorite Monday Outfit of the day I have created so far. I feel in love with this shirt I bought from Forever 21 but when I put it on it was way too naked for me. It was more the deep v-neck on the top and the cropped length it has that made me feel I was showing too much skin. I personally didn’t feel as comfortable as I thought it would be. I really didn’t want to return it because I loved the design and ruffles so I skimmed through my closet and…thank God for the white tee!


Since I really wanted to keep my top the focal point on my outfit I didn’t add any more color at all. The key to make your top pop is keeping it simple. I added some trendy light gray earrings from Beya and went with my new block heel sandal I bought from Just Fab.


Her are some more looks you can try with the plain white tee as a layering piece. The strapped black dress is a classic. Then any patterned strapped shirt would go perfect.


I had so much fun with my new friend Frank. It was windy and hot but we managed to have fun and stay cool with some coke. Go follow him on social media So much talent in one account I can’t even!




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