Leadership Starts From Within

Over the years, I have become passionate about the concept of leadership. I love investing in others and molding new leaders. As a leader you conduct, guide, and aid others to become the greatest they have ever been. You are responsible for unlocking the potential you know they are capable of reaching. You are also responsible for the mistakes they make and you are responsible for celebrating their victories.

But as much as the concept of leadership focuses on the development of others, leadership starts from within. A glass that is empty does not have anything to pour into another empty glass. Before you want to invest in others, leadership starts from the investment you put in yourself.

How can you invest in yourself before you invest in others? Let’s dive in quickly! Here are 5 different ways you can invest in yourself:

  1. Invest Mentally
  2. Invest Physically
  3. Invest Spiritually
  4. Invest Financially
  5. Invest Relational


Without a doubt, mental health has been something my generation has suffered with. According to Forbes, “20% of millennials report suffering from depression” and also have “significant levels of stress and anxiety”. I have personally been faced with high levels of anxiety before. Keeping a good mental health means creating positive thoughts and learning how to manage the negatives. Sometimes I read a book to keep my mind busy in away from the million things going through my mind at 100mph. I have attached a link on an article that will help to learn ways on overcoming mental health problems. This is an aspect I am learning to improve on everyday.

4 Ways to Help Millennial Leaders Overcome Mental Health Problems


Your physical health helps take care of your mental health. It can create an outlet for stress and anxiety. Be sure to stay healthy by not only getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day but eating the right foods. I have started to be consistent in working out and its helped renew my energy and distress. It has also helped me fall asleep faster! Believe me as much as I love some flaming hots with cheese, I also love eating yummy fruits and veggies. After a good healthy meal I feel an instant energy and renewal in my body.  Read more on the benefits of staying active and taking care of your physical needs on this article I found useful.

Physical activity improves quality of life


In my life, the most important thing asides from my family is God. Without the love and salvation I have received from God I wouldn’t be where I am today. He has changed my life completely and has given me a purpose to live for. For me it is important to grow develop my relationship with God so I can continue to be a testimony of his goodness and love he has for us. I also need to be strong in God’s word so that when anybody is in need for a word of encouragement and uplifting God can speak through me. For me it is important that I grow my spiritual walk because it is what has given me life and sense of purpose. Spending time reading the bible, praying, and listening to podcasts are some ways I try to learn more about God and his goodness. This article will show you of some ways you can develop yourself spiritually.

5 ways to improve your relationship with God


My dad has always taught me to save 10% of every paycheck ever since I started working. Ask me if I have done it all the time? No! But it is a practical aspect I have been developing over the years and have gotten good at. Investing in yourself financially for me means SAVING! It does not mean spending whatever you want on yourself because you deserve it. How I invest in myself financially is saving for my dreams and goals. If you know me I love blessing others and investing in other persons’ dreams. The same way I was blessing others was not the same way I was taking care of my money for myself. And I saw I needed that fixed. I have had a savings account since the age of 16 when I started working thanks to my dad who instilled in me the importance of savings. Asides from my savings account, contributing 30% into 401K is a another way I am investing in myself financially. I have also created a list of expenses that I could cut back in order to stay financially healthy. I found this article about tips on how to stay financially healthy, I hope it helps.

The best financial tips for millennials


Do I have some learning to do when it comes to investing in relationships! These past couple of months have been eye-opening and quite the learning experience when it comes to selecting the right relationships. I am not only talking about a relationship with a significant other but also in friendships. There is this saying in Spanish that when translated it says, “Tell me who you hangout with and I will tell you who you are”. This speaks volumes! Surround yourself with positively genuine people who realistically care about you. Who will lift you up and be by your side in all difficult times. People who will truly celebrate your success. Be careful with those who use you and become a leech to your everyday life. If you think you are okay doing life by yourself you are wrong. This was me for a while believe me all I wanted to do is be by myself and leave all the “fake friends” behind. As humans we were created to be relational. Find good people in your life and invest in those relationships. Invest time, energy, and love into those relationships so they can flourish into healthy aspects in your life.

Understand leadership cannot be developed without first investing in ourselves. I hope any of these ways to invest in yourself has helped. I enjoyed reading the articles and learned a lot from them, as I wish you would get something out from them as well. Choose one aspect you need to invest in yourself for this upcoming month and start on it. Don’t wait any longer, leadership starts within YOU.



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