Fashion Rule #20: Denim on denim is ALWAYS in!

The other day I heard someone say “that is way too much denim” describing another girl’s outfit. I promise you all it wasn’t even too much! There is never too much denim when it comes to wearing denim on denim. And it is definitely in! Even if this 90’s vibe wasn’t currently trending, denim on denim is one of the basic go-to outfits. You can pair up denim with mostly any shoes and accessories.

Rock the 90’s vibe all day, everyday

I will be showing you three ways I wear denim on denim. Believe me there is unlimited amount of styles to dress denim. For sure this Fashion Rule can be worn in any season and it’s the style you can get away with dressing it your own. You can go into my Pinterest and check out the Fashion Book board to see some ideas on how to rock this style in different seasons, different ways. This style is my go to when I have no idea what to wear for the day and I am running late!


With this Fashion Rule I had a little help from my friend, Siam. We had so much fun shooting at the carnival and she killed it in this first outfit! Notice how the denim on denim does not necessarily match, and that is OKAY! Here we have an oversized medium wash destroyed denim jacket paired up with dark wash jeans. I have decided to make this outfit a bit more relaxed and fun but adding a pop of color to contrast the denim. This is one of my favorite necklaces that also happens to be handmade. Having the red Converse and necklace ties in the outfit. You can never go wrong with a plain white tee with denim. Of course I didn’t want to leave Siam alone so we decided to twin for our OOTD. And here is a picture of both of us in our natural habitat: EATING!


I love denim on denim because it’s what makes your accessories pop. I really wanted to highlight the pale pink main accessories in this next outfit: shoes & purse. In this outfit that is what ties the denim on denim together. In this outfit the denim seems to match in wash and also in style, as they are both destroyed. You can also add some statement pale pink earrings to tie in the contrast color. But in this outfit I decided to just highlight more the denim on denim by complimenting it with the pop of color. The platform heels are from Steve Madden and the pale pink purse from Michael Kors.


What really ties in the outfit of this piece is the statement necklace. I will soon be posting on how to style statement necklaces and this is just one example. I have three different shades of this necklace because I loved it and it’s from Aldo’s. The necklace is the attention grabber of the outfit. Just by changing shoe color and accessories, you can change the vibe of the whole outfit.


Remember when doing denim on denim you must have two accessories to match each other and add a color of pop to your outfit. It is an easy to go and you cannot go wrong with matching this style. Personalize and make it your own! Whatever accessories, whatever color I am sure you can rock this style. Checkout my Pinterest where there is more fun ways to wear denim on denim.




Photos: @martinxlove | @cynthiagarzaphotography

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