Fashion Rule # 13: Style floral at its 100%

Floral is my all time favorite pattern for the spring and summer! I have everything floral from pencil skirts, purses, off the shoulder shirts, rompers, cocktail dresses, evening gowns, you name it I have it! This pattern can be subtle and elegant or chic and girly. I love styling floral so this shoot was super fun to document.

Floral speaks for itself. Learn how to compliment the pattern.

In this first outfit I paired up the floral off the shoulders with shorts overalls. We all know overalls are one of the 90’s pieces coming back. I honestly think this is the first time ever in my life wearing overalls. I’m a 90’s baby but I don’t think I ever rocked them when I was a kid. Since I wanted to compliment the small pink details in the pattern, I accessorized the outfit with dangling pink earrings. In these types of patters you don’t want to choose the obvious ubiquitous color. You want to highlight the less represented color to compliment the outfit. I could have also selected some green earrings to make the leaves on the shirt stand out.

ove ina cup!

This second outfit I loved and I see myself wearing it all the time! 90’s vibe again with the boot cut jeans. I got this shirt at Forever 21 and I love how beachy and retro it is. Since the pattern has more feel of greens, I decided to go with small orange earrings. I could have gone with hot pink earrings as well to bring out the hints of color. It is all about highlighting the minimal colors. These pairs of sunnies are my favorite and they give it the retro look. This is the bronze handmade purse from Mexico En La Piel I featured on my Fashion Rule #6 post. I absolutely love how this purse adds to the beachy retro vibe this outfit looks. And of course my other ultimate favorite shoes: platforms from Steve Madden. I have now realized I love this outfit because all my favorite pieces are in it!

i just wanna go to the

Last but not least, one of my favorite floral dresses from Sara’s! I got this dress last year from Sara the local boutique shop in Laredo. Honestly they have a lot of cute floral, trendy stuff all the time. A featured blog for Sara will be coming soon. But lets talk about the details on this dress! The color scheme to this dress is more of pastels so this is perfect for the spring. Since this dress is a bit formal but a bit fun, it can be worn to a day event or social. Absolutely love how this dress is short but has a long tail to it. I choose to complement the pink details on the dress by adding small drop earrings. I could have also chosen to highlight the subtle hints of purple. I wish I could wear this dress 24/7!

Love ina cup!


Don’t forget to follow my Pinterest boards on more floral outfit ideas. Make sure you are styling floral correctly and if you ever have a question feel free to shoot me a DM through instagram.




Photos @martinxlove

2 thoughts on “Fashion Rule # 13: Style floral at its 100%

  1. I love all of these looks, especially the off-the-shoulder floral top with overalls. I just bought my first pair of overalls about a week or two ago and I can’t wait to pair different shirts with it! 🙂 Really lovely post!

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