Fashion Rule #6: Find the perfect purse for the season

Purses are what makes your outfit complete. They also help carry everything you need to conquer the day. In this post I want to share with you my current go to spring purses and how I am styling them.

Purses can be the eye-catching accessory in your outfit of the day or can be the accessory that gives your outfit the vibe you’re going for. I personally try to own at least 3 different purses for each season. I know sometimes we stick to the same purse for a while because we carry a whole lot of unnecessary junk! LOL I have been there and I am guilty of carrying a worn out purse for a while. Remember you always want to change it up a bit and have your current purse be an outfit accessory, not just a bag used for carrying stuff.

Purses: The fashion accessory that carries your life!

My favorite brands to shop purses are Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Aldo’s. It is important to invest in a good brand so it will not wear out as fast and stay looking fresh longer time. I also don’t discriminate against purses so I buy from Forever 21 or Aeropostale. Whatever purse you choose make sure you care for it so it can last a while.

This first purse I got it from Aldo’s and its my second favorite cross-body! (My first favorite is my Kate Spade cross-body).


If you follow me on insta, this was the purse you all voted for me to buy! I was in between this one and another flower print purse. Not regretting this purchase at all! Love the colors and the flowers, just perfect for the spring season. Since this purse has a lot going on, all you need to do is style it with simple colors. This ties in the girly vibe of the outfit. I wore it two different ways: cross-body and double strap. Even though its a small cross-body it has so many pockets that I love.

The second purse is also from Aldo’s and it’s from and old summer collection. I love this piece because it gives my outfit a beach vibe with the orange and navy stripes. I can definitely carry a whole lot more in this purse. For sure the statement piece is the purse in this outfit.


And I have saved the best for last! I am currently obsessed with this bronze HANDMADE purse from Mexico en La Piel. This beauty comes all the way from Oaxaca in Mexico. As you know I love supporting small biz so make sure you go follow @mexicoenlapiel on instagram.


Every fashion accessory comes from a specific place in Mexico and the best part is that they are HANDMADE! You will learn more about Mexico En La Piel through my business blog soon! I wear this beauty with everything and it fits anything! I would show you the outfit I used this with but this will be for the next fashion rule: FLORAL!

I challenge you to change out the purse you currently have. Make sure this fashion accessory is within the current spring season. If you need help choosing an awesome purse feel free to shoot me a DM through insta or shop Mexico El La Piel through their instagram feed.

Photos by: @martinxlove



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