Fashion Rule #24: Know how to style statement earrings

Spring and summer are my all time favorite seasons to show off statement earrings. In this blog I want you to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with different types of earrings. At some point I was not used to big earrings and did not want to wear them at all. Studs and pearls were my favorite! But I noticed just by changing earrings my outfit would totally change. You could go from business professional to girly outfit just by the earrings! I now have so many statement earrings that I love and use all the time.

The bolder the earring, the bigger the statement!

For instance lets take this trendy off the shoulder ruffled shirt and show you how many different styles you can pull off by just changing earrings.

this one

Go for black and gold earrings for a night out paired with black denim and gold or black heels. The blue drop earrings can go perfect for an elegant look style with a patterned skirt. The top right earrings are currently my personal favorite! I feel they can make any outfit retro and current 90’s vibe. The bottom pink dangles can give your outfit of the day a girly look.

But my current absolute favorite have been the avocado earrings from Fruity Poms!

They are handmade and can add are the perfect match for a simple or colorful outfit for the season. Can you believe these are the mini size! Go check out their Instagram page and order these cuties or different kinds of fruits: cherries, strawberries, pomegranates, lemons, or watermelons! They not only make handmade fruit earrings but other awesome statement earrings that I know you will love!

Get out of your comfort zone and try statement earrings this week. I will assure you that will you fall in love with the extra style they add to your outfit of the day. Don’t forget to support small businesses and shop @fruitypoms insta feed.



Photos by @martinxlove

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