You are the Entrepreneurial Generation

As soon as I was introduced into the business world back in high school, I fell in love. I hadn’t discovered what I really wanted to do in the business world but just something kept on tugging at my heart. Throughout the years I embedded myself in books, podcasts, Ted Talks, TV shows all talking about business and its attributes. After reading several articles about business and the current trends this particular comment has stuck with me:

“Millenniums are the entrepreneurial generation”

The interviewer was describing my generation to be one of the most innovative and self-driven generation. Another article stated by 2020, 60% of the workforce will be made up of free lancers millenniums and generation Z’ers. After reading several more articles about my generation and its future predictions, I’ve become more convinced of that quote that has resonated with me.

At first I wanted to write specifically to the millennial entrepreneur. But as the months have gone by and I have been brainstorming about my business blog, I want to dedicate my writings to all those who have been suppressed, have been told no, or are simple scared to take the big step in the business world. As an aspiring self employed young adult, I have seen and spoken to many people who believe “they are too old” or that their “opportunity has already passed by”.  So just as I have believed in these strong words, I want you to believe you are more than capable of turning your dreams into reality. Through my writings, I want to encourage you to become aware of your potential and gain access to basic tools that will jump start your self employed journey. I will be interviewing local small business owners who have taken the leap of faith and have started their own brand. Will be creating some templates I personally use to prepare for my future business in hopes it will help you start somewhere. My hopes are to create a community of leaders who encourage each other and acknowledge the importance of entrepreneurship.

There are three things what I believe makes you the entrepreneur of your generation:

  1. Planning, planning, planning

  2. Turning fear into a strength

  3. Following your passion

Without planing before executing you will be lost and with no direction. Planning enables you to have a master game plan, avoid some mishaps, and have a backup plan in case you need to change direction. Have you ever heard of the quote “fear is a liar”? Well it certainly is in the business world. Fear of rejection, failure, debt, other’s opinions, etc. is the wall between you and your dream. If you don’t turn fear into strength, you wont hurdle over the wall to the side of your dream. Following your passion for me is the most easiest but difficult thing to do. Society or your parents tell you that you have to work in a income stable job to be successful. Money will come. Your happiness should be the most important thing. Whatever you’re passionate about you can make a living out of. I want to repeat that one more time….. what you are passionate about you CAN and ARE ABLE TO make a living off of it. It is just a matter of following these three steps to start your path to living out your dream.

The business world is not what it seems to be anymore. It used to be about power, authority, money, sales driven and egocentric people. I believe entrepreneurs of today have understood the importance of influence and providing a service for the people. It has no longer become about them but what they can do for the public in general. Business now revolves around this powerful tool called social media and its users. It is about engaging and providing the best product or service the audience needs.

Believe me everything I write speaks back to me and encourages me to follow the dream I’ve had for years in my heart. I love seeing people achieve and do what they love to do. That person can be you. Thank you for reading the first of many business blog writings. I want you to believe in yourself and grasp everything I will be sharing soon.



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