Fashion Rule # 33: Stripes are a must in your closet

I cannot contain my excitement: stripes are so trending right now! Stripes can make your outfit of the day simple, clean and retro! I honestly love stripes because you can easily throw on a stripped shirt, some jeans, statement earrings and you’re good to go! I recently went to one of my favorite stores and they had a huge section dedicated to everything stripes.  You should have your basic stripped tee, a simple button down stripped shirt, and any type of stripped dress. Stripes can certainly be for any occasion but you must learn how to pair them up.

Stripes can be the focal point of your outfit depending on the type of stripes and colors paired




This first outfit is a little retro and 90’s, which i totally love. Always pair bold colors with a medium wash or blue pair of denim to make the colors stand out. Since the stripes are bold, all you need is basic earrings to complete the outfit. I decided to wear gold earrings that had a bit of blue in them to contrast the orange and gold strapped heels to compliment. Pair them with some oversized sunnies and you are so living the 90’s vibe.



This second outfit can be seen as more girly and dressed up. Because these stripes are closed together and thin, they can assemble a solid color from afar. I have paired these with some complementary statement earrings. I honestly love that this shirt is so unique and flows. The shirt is going to be the statement piece of the whole outfit so all you need to compliment it. This shirt could also go good with some orange earrings or hot pink cross-body bag. Anything that compliments blue is a go with this outfit!

Here is another way you can style the traditional black and while stripped shirt. This shirt is perfect for the spring and can be paired up with any color of shorts or denim. I have paired this shirt with some military green high wasted denim and some rose gold flip flops. The outfit on the right is paired up with black denim and gold sandals for more of a classic feel.


Whatever mood you are in for the day, stripes is what will easily get you fashionably dressed and ready for the day. Have a happy and productive Monday!




Photos by @martinxlove

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