Fashion Rule #12 : You must own a little black dress

Welcome to my first fashion blog post! The Fashion Rule Book is designed to help you find your ideal fashion style. I will be writing about different types of clothing you should own in your closet and demonstrating how to pair them up. These fashion rules have all been created by my style of knowledge through magazines, blogs, and trends. I will be randomizing the rules as they go. Don’t feel pressured to follow these “rules” but use them as a guideline for your own specific style.

If you haven’t done so I encourage you to visit the About Me tab and learn more about my style icons, signature style, favorite brands and much more. Feel free to follow me on social media @xalicia13 to get hints on my upcoming posts, giveaways and much more. Lets start with one of the many basic fashion rules I believe will help you dress for any occasion.

#12: You must own a little black dress

Girls if you don’t own a simple little black dress go shop for one now! This is an easy, go-to dress for any occasion. Since this Texas weather has been super crazy these first few months of the year, a black dress is the perfect medium for any season dress.

I have paired this little black dress with some velvet blush booties from Steve Madden. I decided to add a splash of color by adding the mesh dress on top (which can be used with another dress color or as a shirt). No need to add anything else the flowery mesh dress is your focal point of the outfit, all you need is some hoop earrings of your choice.


Don’t be afraid to combine two different textiles in one outfit: in this occasion, velvet with mesh. Layering hasn’t gone out of style and with this outfit I needed the little hint of blue from the flowers to contrast and pop out. I decided to add a blue denim button down long sleeve as  outer wear.




Half-way wearing a layering piece is currently trending so of course I had to do it! This outfit can be used for a birthday dinner, date or even a night out. I was (literally) on top of the world with this choice of outfit for the day!

Two other different styles you can wear a little black dress:

Elegant:                                                               Hanging Out:

  • Statement Necklace/Earrings                               •  Converse or Vans
  • Bold deep colors: Red, Royal Blue                         •  Denim Jacket
  • Colored/patterned heels                                         •  Crossbody Bag
  • Bold lipstick                                                               •  Oversized Sunglasses

I have created a Pinterest board on my Fashion Rule Book. There you will be able to find more ways to wear a little black dress in summer, winter, spring and fall. Remember this basic fashion rule always! There will be more coming your way!





Photo credits: Siam @siam.png

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